If you wish to earn extra on the side, why work harder when you can play smarter?

When you play rummy, with the right tricks, winning is a piece of cake. And with the introduction of rummy game download, you won’t even need to head out for a few rounds on the table. 

Rummy online games can help you win amazing prizes and cash rewards, helping you earn just by having fun. Moreover, being an online platform, various rummy websites make sure to provide world-class security to personal and bank account details. 

Hence, be it on your laptop or your phone, you can have fun anywhere and anytime by playing rummy online. And to download the game, here’s what you have to do:

Downloading Rummy App

You can download the rummy app on your iOS as well as Android Phone. 

All you’ll need to make sure is to have the proper and up-to-date operating systems for the app to run on them. 

For Android

Make sure to have a proper operating configuration for your android phone before downloading the rummy app. 

Your operating system should be 6.0 and above with 1200 Mhz+ processor speed. 

You can proceed with the rummy game download in 4 different ways:

  • Directly: Check out the Rummy Passion website and click on the “download now” button on the head. By doing so, the game downloads on your phone.
  • SMS: Insert your contact number on the Rummy Passion top banner. You’ll receive a message with the link to download the game on your phone. 
  • QR Code: You can scan the QR code on the website by using your phone. Doing so helps in directly downloading the application. 
  • Missed-Call Download: Send a missed call to the number +9192233-00012 to receive a link for downloading the application on your phone. 

For iOS

Downloading the rummy application is possible on an iOS phone is possible if you have an operating system of 10.0 and above. 

Additionally, you’ll need to make sure that the processor speed is 1200 Mhz+. 

There are 4 ways to download the application on your phone:

  • App Store: Head on to the phone’s app store and click on to install the game on your phone. 
  • SMS: Visit the webpage banner to insert your contact number. After a while, you’ll receive an SMS containing the link for direct download. 
  • QR Code Download: Scan the QR code on the website that directs you to the application store. You’ll then be able to download the app. 
  • Missed Call Download: Send in a missed call on the number  +9192233-00012 and you’ll receive a link to the app store. Redirect to the link and download the app on your phone. 


When you’re playing rummy through an app, you have the freedom to play anytime you want. Hence, receiving cash prizes daily can help you increase your income every month. 

Not to forget, you can also invite your friends to try out the game and enjoy hours of intensive gaming on the Rummy Passion application. 

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